SINCE 1932
This is exactly a product that responds to our proposition of "the essential authentic". We met Mrs. Couto in person in the lobby of a hotel in Expo98 district.
An atypical meeting where this vibrant woman spoke passionately about the history of Couto by showing us a collection of original photographs in the most modern district of Lisbon!

It is in 1932 that Alberto Ferreira Couto creates with the help of a friend dentist, the "Pasta Medicinal Couto".
Soon the toothpaste became the best known product of the company.
The innovative design and its famous retro packaging mark the Portuguese society of the twentieth century.
The original advertisements are the brand's reputation, it is "in the mouth of all people"!

We could not resist the pleasure of presenting you some visuals whose charm has remained intact.
The peppermint taste will leave you feeling refreshed throughout the day and back home it will allow you to keep smiling by remembering your trip to Portugal ...

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