For 15 years we have had the opportunity to travel and meet others people with our production company MAKAM Films. What we passionately love is telling stories through our films or photographs, entering universes and putting them into images.

In 2013, when we came to Lisbon to shoot a video clip, we felt in love with the city and its residents. A few years later we bought an apartment that we used as an habitation on our increasingly frequent trips and rented it on seasonal rental sites. Here we are, "HOST"! In order to welcome our "GUEST" we have tried to prepare "welcome baskets" for travellers, we wanted them to discover the Lisbon we love. 

As users of rental platforms for years, we have often found ourselves without essential products and we didn't want our "GUEST" to experiment a morning without coffee or a shower without shampoo!

And then in 2018, inspired by this city and our meetings, we wanted to take up a new challenge: to set up an offer that would simplify the lives of "HOST" and "GUEST" while highlighting Portuguese products and local activities. This is how BOX4GUEST was born.

We participated in our first Start-up competition "Business Challenge" in Lisbon and we were the winners!

Things accelerated, we took several months to source and select essential and authentic products. Behind this local selection, we met passionate people, craftsmen, historical brands, family businesses, men, women and their stories.

We are happy to meet new people every day and to be able to share them with you.

Our missions: to facilitate the welcome of the "HOST" by offering them a product to make available to their "GUEST", bringing together the authentic 100% Portuguese essentials, to allow even the most hurried travellers to get in touch with local culture and to be a showcase for historical brands and Portuguese artisans.

Our ambition: to develop our offer on important sites in Portugal, France and in the various European capitals.

We are offering you our first selection with Box4Guest Lisboa and are already working on the next "A praia portuguesa" (the Portuguese beach) and Paris...

Our commitments

We are constantly asking ourselves about the social and environmental impacts of tourism. At our level, we wanted to do everything possible to have a positive impact.

In many cities, the local economy is disrupted by a large number of travellers. In the complexity of this market we want to promote local companies and put people back at the heart of our business and travel.