We are not tourists, we are travellers...

The DNA of Box4Guest is to propose to curious people to come into direct contact with a culture, a country. The adventure of our Start-up starts in Portugal. Our ambition is to give travellers the opportunity to consume locally even for essential products such as toothpaste, shampoo, coffee, tea, shaving cream etc., to discover the history of Portugal through historical companies, artisans. Through this blog, we will introduce you to these passionate men and women. The world is changing, becoming more uniform but many of us see the richness of the "Local", we consume in short circuit near our home, when we travel we continue to help small producers and local artisans:-)

And are you a "tourist" or a "traveller"?

How to differentiate them?

A tourist is in selfie mode, the traveller photographs what surrounds him,

A tourist seeks to eat what he knows, a traveller ventures into local gastronomy

A tourist always speaks in his native language, a traveller tries to make himself understood with the basics of the language or even with his hands!

A tourist seeks to see all the unmissable in a very organized and efficient way, the traveller seeks to get lost...

A tourist travels in a group following a flag or an umbrella, a traveller travels in a small group, opening his eyes to each treasure in the city

A tourist talks with his compatriots, a traveller is interested in the inhabitants

A tourist comes with everything he thinks is essential in his suitcase, the traveller will find everything on the spot... and in his Box4Guest!!!

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